" Q. Accreditation and Affiliation?
" A. Yes, The International University Accreditation Association and is a affiliate member    of the Florida Council of Private College.

" Q. What are your tuitons?
" A. Undergraduates - $100.00 per credit hour, - Graduate $300.00 per credit hour.

" Q. What degrees does RU offer?
" A. Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate in Ministry, Theology, Elem. Education and Counseling.

" Q. Can I take these courses by correspondence?
" A. Yes, courses are being done by correspondence and online.

" Q. How long would it take me to complete my degree?
" A. You work at your own pace, we allow two years.

" Q. When I complete my degree in Elem. Education would I be able  to teach in the public school    system?
" A. RU is state approved in Orlando Florida, and you would have to complete the state exam.

" Q How many credits do I need for my degree?
" A. For your Bachelor a total of 120 complete credit hours, Master 30 Semester credit above    Bachelor and Doctorate 30 Semester credits above the Master.

" Q. How can I speak to an admissions counselor?
" A. You can call or email us at admission@rhemauniversity.com or 1-877-270-0349 ext 702

" Q. Can I transfer my credits from another school?
" A. Yes, credits are approved on a case by case bases.

" Q. How do I get a copy of my transcript?
" A. Through the Registrar's office at Registrar@rhemauniversity.com or by phone 1877-270-0349 x705

" Q. Can I get credit towards my degree with time I spent in  ministry?
" A. Yes, up to 25% of your credit hours can be credited with life experience; you will need to submit a Resume.

" Q. Do you take Federal or VA grants?
" A. Not at this time.


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