1. Is there a cost to be affiliated with your school?
Yes. There is a standard $200.00 application fee.

2. What is the process to partner with the affiliate program?
This is a quick and easy process. Complete application form and a RU Representative will contact you promptly.

3. Would Rhema University come to my country to perform graduations?
Yes. RU as schedule allows we can attend international graduations. All graduations expenses would need to be covered also for attendance.

4. How long is the process time to become an affiliate?
Generally within one week.

5. Are there any other costs to be affiliated with your school?
The cost various and depends upon other specific details. Contact RU for more information.

6. Is Rhema University willing to assist my school/college students with courses needed to finish their degree?
Yes. The student will need to fill out our student application and register with RU to take the remaining courses needed via online/correspondence to finish their desired degree.

7. What is the procedure to validate my school’s curriculum and my student’s completed work studies?
We will need to see your school’s curriculum and the transcripts for each student for which we are validating degrees.

8. Could RU assist my former graduate students to achieve their degree?
Yes. RU will evaluate each student’s particular needs. As with your current students, they will have to provide their transcripts to RU.


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