Rhema University has been commissioned by God to teach followers to become leaders and to enhance the leadership abilities of those already in His service. We therefore offer degrees on the Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate levels in various disciplines such as; Ministry, Theology, Christian Counseling and Elementary Education.

The utilization of distance learning through correspondence and on-line courses, will give our students more flexibility in being able to further their education toward their area of study. Individuals who are unable to attend the traditional classroom due to employment or family demands, will be able to progress and be more productive in their studies as they earn their degree at their own pace. We are committed to providing our students with the most cutting edge technology availabe which they will be able to utlilize to their advantage in completing their studies. Some examples are: being able to download study guides or course information, on-line audio classes, even an on-line research library.

Our vision encompasses not only the USA, but we also have a vision to provide quality Christian education to third world or developing nations where a formal Christian education is either scarce or very expensive, sometimes both. Our goal is to make the knowledge and wisdom of God available to Pastors and Ministerial Leaders who will in turn not only become more effective leaders but also will also train and teach others in the knowledge they have acquired through their studies. Stronger and more innovative leadership skills grounded and rooted in the Word of God will ultimately lead to an infiltration of the Gospel being spread throughout each individual's community an end result bringing more people all over the world accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


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