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The Scriptures & Symbolism for the Crystal Colors

Made from Austrian Crystal by Swarovski.

1. Dark Crystal = Sin
Romans 3:23 "All have sinned...The penalty of sin is death."
Romans 6:23

2. Red Crystal = The Blood of Jesus
Romans 5:8 "
Jesus paid that debt with his own blood."

3. Clear Crystal = Forgiveness - Purity 1
John 2:12 "
Oh! The blood of Jesus Cleanses completely through."

4. Blue Crystal = Waters of Baptism
Mathew 28:19 "Picture of your salvation & obedience."

5. Green Crystal = Growing in Christ
Peter 3:18 "Study God's Word and pray. "

6. Gold Crystal = Streets of  Gold.
Revelation 21:21 "One day by death or rapture we will go to heaven, where the streets are made of gold."

7. Purple Crystal = King Of Kings.
Revelation 19:16
"We will bow at the ROYAL FEET of the LORD JESUS!"

Witness Necklace
Gold $45 or Silver $40
on 18" chain
Longer available
Add $1.00 per inch
Magnetic clasp

Witness Bracelet
Gold $30 or Silver $25
Magnetic clasp

Witness Necklace
Gold $55 or Silver $50

Chec Crystals Necklace
Gold $45 or Silver $40

Chec Crystals Bracelet
Gold $30 or Silver $25

Bangle Bracelet
Gold $50 or Silver $45

Jesus Star
Silver only
on 20" chain

Sold Out

Ancient 2000 Year Old Coin Necklace
Coins Found in Israel and Set in Gold

Price Varies
$115 - $160
(phone orders only)

Witness Angel
on 20" chain

Angel of a New Heart
Silver only
on 20" chain


Grafted In Necklace
Silver Sold Out

Jerusalem Cross Necklace
Silver $25

Thank you. All proceeds are used to support
the ministry work of Duane & Iris Blue.

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