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Best of the Songwriters


   $12.00 for Cassette

Available in Cassette only.
Cassette: $12.00

Best of the Songwriters

Listen to the hit song:

"Jesus Junkie

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Best of the Songwriters has the following songs:

Side 1:

1.  "Washington for Jesus"
2.  "Guilty of Love"
3.  "More than Conquerors"
4.  "The Monkey Song"
5.  "Feel a Healing"
6.  "It's By Grace"
7.  "Living Bread"

Side 2:

1.  "Jesus Junkie"
2.  "Greater is He"
3.  "One Less Tear for God to Shed"
4.  "Casting Down Imaginations"
5.  "Stand and Believe"
6.  "Isn't That Just Like My Jesus"

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